Braut und Gäste amüsieren sich mit Selfiecase.


Enjoy 1-click selfies of your guests in professional quality. Who doesn't know them from the last holiday and from Facebook & Co.? The many funny self-portraits taken with a mobile phone, called "selfies". We know them from countless places, events, and activities. Surprising and humorous, but at the same time always poorly lit and available in very low resolution and size. That's a shame, it shouldn't be like that!

So that this doesn't happen at your celebration, wedding photographer August Lechner has developed the perfect photo booth for you. It is the development of the previously particularly popular photo machines (or English. Photobooth). Equipped with the latest and professional photo technology and connected to the internet via WiFi. So you and your guests can fulfill the most beautiful photo wedding wishes in your own control. These will then be sent by email and, if desired, printed on real photo paper with a directly integrated photo printer. And all this in your personal wedding design including wedding logo.

Additionally, there are also special props and pre-selected backgrounds available on request. And all of this comes in a big box, is set up ready to use, and is continuously monitored by your wedding photographer team. You will receive all saved photos collected on a data carrier. You can then have the best of them photoprinted and also integrate them into your wedding book.

Submit a non-binding booking request to us right away to find out if your wedding date is still available.